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New Project Strives to Combat Body Dissatisfaction

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Negative body image has been growing throughout our country for quite some time; and what used to be confined to the female population, has rapidly move into the male population as well. At Timberline Knolls, we are increasingly aware that this trend has moved out of mere body dissatisfaction and into the realm of body […]

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Zero Tolerance for Body Shaming

by Amy M. Klimek Stansbury, LCPC, Director of Program Development and Eating Disorder Program Coordinator
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Body shaming is rampant in today’s world. Primarily, it comes in the form of fat shaming, which is defined as overt criticism of bodies perceived to be larger than the cultural ideal.  Singer and new mother Kelly Clarkson has received her fair share of criticism as has singer Pink.  On May 12, Pink verbally shut […]

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Let’s Put an End to Fat Chat

by Rita Ekelman, MBA, RDN, LDN
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Fat talk, which is defined as public body self-disparagement, is omnipresent throughout our culture. Negative talk of this type is actually viewed as a type of social bonding ritual among women. Whereas females may fail to connect on topics such as people they know or where they grew up and attended school, once they embark […]

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Selfies and the New Age of Digital Narcissism

by Timberline Knolls Staff

In 2013, the word “selfie” was elected “Word of the Year” by the Oxford English Dictionary. Selfie refers to a photo that a person takes of herself then posts on social media sites. As with so many things, the original idea behind the selfie was probably good, providing just another way to share a moment […]

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Cyber Body Image & Self-Esteem

by Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008, National Eating Disorders Awareness Advocate, Community Relations Specialist
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According to, Facebook users spend an average of 441 minutes – or seven-and-a-half hours – per month browsing their News Feed and Friends’ pages. And that is just on their mobile devices! They spend another 391 minutes – or around seven hours – on the site at a desktop computer. I would venture to […]

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Why the Backlash Against Vogue Article on Child’s Weight and Eating Habits?

by Timberline Knolls Staff
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The April issue of Vogue magazine featured an article on a mother’s response to a pediatrician telling her that her seven-year-old daughter, Bea, was obese. Dara-Lynn Weiss embarked on a year-long battle to get her child to lose weight. This mother’s weight obsession and stringent methods have caused a firestorm to erupt among readers. The […]

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