Body Image

One Word… A Lifetime of Pain

by Melissa O’Neill, LCSW, Director of Clinical Operations

Fat is not a four-letter word; and yet, this single monosyllabic word has the power to devastate people’s lives. In fact, most females can’t think of anything worse than being called fat. Years ago, research studies confirmed that young girls would rather be called stupid than fat, while adolescents would prefer to receive a cancer […]

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Just Numbers

by Special Guest Contributor Vanessa P., Timberline Knolls Alumnae

Here we are. The beginning of 2018. This is an exciting time for a lot of people as they plan for their next adventure, set personal/professional goals for the new year, and celebrate with friends and family. For those struggling with or in recovery from an eating disorder/body image issues, this time can bring a […]

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Victoria Beckham Should Reconsider Her Marketing Strategy

by Timberline Knolls Staff

Victoria Beckham, singer, model and style icon, is not a neophyte in the fashion industry. She has been a world-famous designer for more than a decade. Therefore, we in the behavioral health field expect better from her when it comes to model selection. And yet, she lets us down again. A recent ad for her […]

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Pediatricians: The New Anti-bullies in the War On Weight

by Cindy Cole, LMFT, LPC, Director of Primary and Family Therapy

It’s not uncommon for teasing to be an aspect of a young person’s life, whether within the confines of the family, or on the playground of the schoolyard. Teasing can be connected to minor things such as possessing a multitude of freckles, or being the shortest kid in the family. But sometimes, making fun of […]

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Research Reveals Brain Connection in Eating Disorders

by Dr. SooMi Lee-Samuel MD

In the United States today, approximately 30 million people have some type of an eating disorder.  A full two-thirds of these individuals are female. This comes as no shock. Our society in and of itself is far harder on females than males in every possible regard. Advertising, primarily geared to women, say we must purchase […]

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Everyday, Choose Love. “Love Your Body Day” 2016

by Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008, National Eating Disorders Awareness Advocate, Community Relations Specialist

Love. I had romantic notions about it growing up, believing that love was a tremendous, sweeping, passionate feeling that would lead to lifelong relational satisfaction and fulfillment. Years later while engaged, at times I’d ask leading questions of my future husband.  “Why do you love me?” Naturally, I was looking for a flowery, poetic response. […]

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The Olympics and Body Image: The Race to the Finish Line

by Amy M. Klimek Stansbury, LCPC, Director of Program Development and Eating Disorder Program Coordinator

It has been a great feat for the USA Olympic team in Rio.  As we watch our favorite athletes, old and new, exude confidence through their strength and resilience on their quest for the gold, one starts to wonder. What does it take to be the fastest, the greatest, the best?  What level of attention […]

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Cautionary Note for Young Female Athletes

by Dr. SooMi Lee-Samuel MD

Many decades ago, organized sports were synonymous with males; athletics were mostly made up of boys, not girls. Today, teen girls participating in sports is becoming more common.  On so many levels—physical and emotional health, positive self-esteem and body image, improved brain function – this is a positive trend. Every moment a young girl is […]

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Advice for Parents with an Overweight Child

by Julie Raymond, MA, LCPC, Eating Disorder Specialist

Many parents grapple with the same question:  If my child is overweight, should I talk to her about it? A new study offers a degree of guidance regarding this issue; the conclusion is “no.” Published in the Journal Eating and Weight Disorders, the study concluded that parents’ comments regarding weight, even though well-intended, often lead […]

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New Project Strives to Combat Body Dissatisfaction

Thumbnail image for New Project Strives to Combat Body Dissatisfaction by TK Staff

Negative body image has been growing throughout our country for quite some time; and what used to be confined to the female population, has rapidly move into the male population as well. At Timberline Knolls, we are increasingly aware that this trend has moved out of mere body dissatisfaction and into the realm of body […]

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