Important Court Case Involving Anorexia

by Cindy Cole, LMFT, LPC, Director of Primary and Family Therapy

National organizations and individual advocates work tirelessly to educate the public on the lethal nature of anorexia. Far too many people continue to perceive this eating disorder as a phase or a simple bid for attention. Fortunately change is evident in certain areas. Recently, New Jersey Superior Court Judge Paul Armstrong ruled against a 20-year-old […]

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Research Reveals Brain Connection in Eating Disorders

by Dr. SooMi Lee-Samuel MD

In the United States today, approximately 30 million people have some type of an eating disorder.  A full two-thirds of these individuals are female. This comes as no shock. Our society in and of itself is far harder on females than males in every possible regard. Advertising, primarily geared to women, say we must purchase […]

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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week at Timberline Knolls, Feb. 21-27

by TK Staff

We know the best way to combat eating disorders is prevention through awareness and education. The National Eating Disorder Association set apart a special week in February designed to do just that: to place the spotlight on eating disorders in order to improve public understanding of their causes, dangers and treatments. This year’s theme is “3 […]

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New Research Regarding Anorexia

by TK Staff
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It has long been known that eating disorders have both psychological and physiological components. However, new research indicates that the physical aspect may be more complex than previously thought and what is transpiring in the intestines of those with anorexia may have psychological ramifications. Researchers at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in […]

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Timberline Knolls Celebrates National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, Feb. 22 – 28, 2015

by TK Staff
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In a perfect world, there would be absolutely no need to have an entire week dedicated to eating disorder awareness. However, as long as the rate of eating disorders continues to escalate throughout our country, Timberline Knolls is extremely thankful for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (NEDAW). This week is designed to educate the public […]

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Family Therapy and Eating Disorders

by Stanley Selinger, PhD - Family Therapist
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Families are systems that shape us, motivate us, but also leave us vulnerable with wounds and expectations.  Families with a member that has an eating disorder have often been characterized as enmeshed, overprotective, overly rigid, or as having a strong tendency to avoid conflict with a lack of conflict resolution. These families create poor boundaries […]

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Blender Addiction: When Juicing Jeopardizes Health

by Amy M. Klimek Stansbury, LCPC, Director of Program Development and Eating Disorder Program Coordinator

America does love a good fad, especially when it is embraced by celebrities. It seems the only thing that can trump a celebrity craze is one that also involves weight loss. Diet-related fads rarely cause long-term damage to consumers because by their very definition, a fad comes and goes quite rapidly. A particular craze is […]

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My Springtime: Kirsten’s Eating Disorder Recovery Story

by Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008, National Eating Disorders Awareness Advocate, Community Relations Specialist
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I absolutely love spring.  I have learned to really appreciate the spring season since I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Having grown up outside of Detroit, Michigan, I adore living where the winters are mild (and comparatively short), and spring is a long, lovely season.  If you can stand the few weeks of pollen, the South […]

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