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The spring season brings along a spirit that reminds me of New Year’s – both are times of spiritual and emotional renewal. Rebirth.

Each year, we welcome these times of setting new goals and welcoming fresh starts. We put off the old and put on the new. Snow melts and flowers bloom as we move forward through the calendar year.

The more I grow, both physically and spiritually, the more I come face to face with the inevitability of moving forward. These fresh starts and renewals come every year as a time to take stock of the past and then move forward. Continually forward.

It is a truth of the Universe that we can never move backward in time. We can never go back.

What do I mean? I grew up watching the trilogy Back to the Future, where Marty and the Doc go back in time to learn, to change things, all the while hoping they don’t hurt, maim, or even possibly eliminate their future selves!

While it is a fun fantasy adventure, the movie demonstrates a valuable point: no matter what, going back cannot change your future. If you try, the results leave you miserable.

The lessons you learn in life are what propel you to the future you want to create. There cannot be effects before there are causes.

Our lives move in one direction: forward. We can’t go back and change what we’ve done, decisions we’ve made, circumstances in which we have found ourselves. We can be thankful that we do move ever onward, for that means every passing moment is an opportunity to think a good thought, make a right choice, think positively, and act in a way that propels life in a courageous direction.

In recovery, sometimes relapse can seem like going backward, a reversal on the path to healing. But, relapse is merely a dip in the forward road that does not have to send you hurtling backward. Challenges and failures in recovery help to teach us things that give us strength for the journey forward.

Times of renewal come every year. This spring, let your rebirth be one of gratitude for the forward motion of your life, and for the chance, every single day to be the cause of effects that will yield beautiful blooms this spring, and many springs to come.


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